Misguided Attacks in the Marriage Debate

The recent court rulings on marriage are historic, both legally and socially. The most disappointing aspect of the “debate”, however, has been the right wing attack on Judge Walker personally. Walker is a Republican-appointed judge and not a progressive by any stretch, yet when the right wing loses there is no bottom too low. So they personally attack the judge who by all legitimate accounts handled himself fastidiously and deftly in a matter to which he gave great care and consideration.

This baseless attack on the impartiality of our judiciary has got to stop. The right wing needs a clear message that its “debate tactics” cannot include unfounded assaults on impartial judges. This strategy sullies them as well as our court system. When you lose, you lose. But don’t then stoop to attacking the very judges whose appointments you initially sought or cheered.

The fact is that socially conservative judges, lawyers and politicians (such as Walker, Olsen, Sanders and Schwarzenegger) are seeing that as a matter of law, all citizens must have fair and equal access to a fundamental, government-provided right called marriage. Rail against the correct ruling if you must. But do not attack the legitimate system from whence it came, as that very system protects you also, and has provided ordered liberty to all citizens for the better part of 230 years.

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